A selection of editorial illustrations that I've done throughout 2021/2022 for the following clients (in order):

 The New YorkerThe Upstart Union Challenging Starbucks - AD Nicholas Konrad
The Walrus: Your Sex Toy Might Be Spying On You - AD Natalie Vineberg
Lux Magazine: Move Slow and Break Things - AD Sharanya Durvasula
Fast Company: The Plight of Middle Managers (killed) - AD Ben Kothe
Mother Jones: Private Equity Series Trio - AD Michael Johnson
The New York Times: If Everything is 'Trauma' Is Anything? - AD Claire Merchlinksy
The New York Times: Email Auto-Responses for Your Mental Health - AD Sarah Williamson
The Walrus: What DIY Couldn't Do For Me - AD Natalie Vineberg
Toggl: FAQ's - AD Emma Murray
The Washington Post: The Cost Of Delay - AD Betty Chavarria
Toggl: Time Management Hub - AD Emma Murray

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