I'm a freelance 3D artist. illustrator and animator from Toronto and I make playfully stylized illustrations, short animations and GIF's. My work is inspired by humour, daily life, feminism, absurdity, darkness, childhood, and the internet. I'm focusing on creating work for editorial, brands/advertising and social media. Through my art, I aim to make people laugh, learn, think or relate and try to amplify the voices of people and communities I care about. I love pizza, fries, improv comedy, electronic music and browsing thrift stores for neat stuff. 

Dream projects: music videos, short films, album art, infomercial parodies, memes


VSCO Selects - We Used To Play Nice

Punanimation @ London Illustration Fair, London, 2018
Punanimaton Exhibition, The Pocko Gallery, London, 2018
BXXBS Charity Gallery, Blank Canvas, Toronto, 2017
Swash & Serif, Black Cat Artspace, Toronto, 2015
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