I was thrilled to be commissioned by GIPHY to create an extended reality space for their XR prototyping incubator. I explored how GIFs, stickers and animated 3D models could exist in metaspaces. Participants were to use a web-based tool of our choosing, so I chose Mozilla Hubs and Spoke for their accessibility and variety of features.

The space I built is called GR8 L8KES WAT3R and it's the best bottled water company ever! The water is infused with 8 vitamins, 8 probiotics and 3 prebiotics!!! It's actually a monotonous maze of sad office cubicles within the Humane Resources department of the company. It's also haunted!

The project involved displaying original GIFs, stickers and animated 3D models. I created a collection with the theme of "corporate office hellscape" work to create a story of what it's like to work there. Hubs is mainly an online virtual meeting platform, so I added text prompts to encourage interactivity and tasks to gamify the experience.

Explore the space here on desktop, mobile or VR here: GR8 L8KES WAT3R Office 
(no account creation or password required, just sign in with e-mail and click the verification link in the e-mail sent)

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