This is another CAMPFIRE team passion project. Jamie Oliver's TED talk "Teach Every Child About Food" inspired us to create a video that would be just as captivating as his words. Our goal of pairing Jamie's speech with clever and playful visual representations, was brought to life through a mixture of cell animation, live action prop work, and tactile design

Creative Direction: Campfire
Directed by: Patrick Dias
Script: Jamie Oliver (TED Talk)
TED Talk Editor: Rebecca Lynch
Tactile Design: Janet Mac, Katrina CaƱedo
Editor: Patrick Dias
Animation: Miguel Natividad, Patrick Dias
Compositor: Janet Mac, Miguel Natividad
Post-Audio: Akbar Ahmad
Production Assistant: Whyishnave Suthgar, Natasha Foneska
Hamster Wrangler: Bonita Ting
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